STAGES Transition Springboard™

STAGES Transition Springboard moves you forward at your pace.


Make progress that's right for you and your family.

Now choose your next challenge and get back on the STAGES Transition Springboard™!

  1. Plan it!

    Plan steps to move forward. Create a timeline. Get information and resources. Use your skills and learn new ones.


  2. Say it!

    When your step involves an event or interaction, plan what to say.   


  3. Feel it!

    Emotions are involved in any new step. Learn to name yours and use  “social thinking” so you are aware of the feelings of others.


  4. Try it!

    Use simulation to practice your planned step: be ready for the real situation.


  5. Do it!

    The STAGES Transition Springboard™ has prepared you to take your planned step. You are confident and ready for success!



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